Vacation to Yellowstone National Park

In May 2005, we spent a week at Yellowstone National Park. I had received this vacation as a Christmas gift from Deb. I have long wanted to visit Yellowstone, and now I have. I have touched up the photos here and I left them at their original resolution, so some of these may be quite larger than your screen. Please enjoy!

We flew, 1st class, into Bozeman, MT on the 14th of May and drove the 90 miles south to West Yellowstone, MT., which is at the west entrance to the park. This is some of the scenery along the way.

More scenery along the drive.

Anyone who's been to Yellowstone knows the area is unparalleled as a geologic park. This is Deb at Fountain Paint Pots, the first of many geologic wonders we visited.

More of the Fountain Paint Pots area.

More of the "paint pots".

You can tell I liked these things.

One more...

The colors were incredible. And the water HOT!

I call this one "Fire and Ice". The "fire" part is actually a rusty color in the water, not fire at all.

Another "paint pot". I loved all the colors.

The area around the paint pots.

Some boiling hot water!

Deb at one of the West Thumb Basin spots. This area is near the enormous Lake Yellowstone.

And another paint pot.

More orange and blue and steam.

Looks so dramatic, doesn't it?

Just some more amazing colors.

Never got tired of looking at sights like this.

This is Mammoth Hot Springs. Fort Yellowstone, Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel and visitors areas in the distance to the right and left respectively.

One of the oddities at Mammoth Hot Springs.

This is Mud Volcano. This area was the stinkiest we encountered.

Dragon's Mouth Spring. The sound coming from this was very ominous!

Guess where we are?

Old Faithful, as she's seen most of the time (not erupting.)

The eruption begins.

And continues...

and continues...

and continues...

You get the idea.

We took this picture because it showed the scorched buildings from the fires of 1988 around the Old Faithful area.

A dubiously shaped object, called Liberty Cap, at Mammoth Hot Springs.

They don't kid around here about bears.

One of the 2 wild black bears we encountered during the week.

Our other wild black bear sighting. Yes, it's cinnamon, but it's still a black bear.

The ravens here were many and huge!

Elk at Mammoth Hot Springs.

A deer in Lamar Valley. The valley is wolf country.

One of the smallest creatures of the park, a chipmunk.

Mountain ranges surround the park.

We took a day trip thru Grand Teton National Park and ended up in Jackson, WY. This is one of the mountains that make up the Grand Teton range.

Scenery in the northeastern section of the park.

The Madison River wandering through it's valley along the western area of the park.

Wolves at the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, MT. This is Hayden (standing), the aplha male, and Granite, the beta male, of the Gallatin Pack, formed in 1995 from a group of unplanned pups from a zoo.

Granite chewing on an elk hide.

Hayden giving a menacing look toward one of the other wolves.

More of Hayden.

Hayden watching the bears across the way from his domain.

Big horned ewes at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Note the "Columns of Fire".

The Yellowstone River.

A fall in the park.

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

More Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

More of the Yellowstone River.

More rocks and water.

And more water.

The West Thumb area around Lake Yellowstone. The West Thumb of the lake was formed by explosive volcanic action.

More of the basins in West Thumb.

One of our daily Bison encounters along the roads.

We loved to find serene vistas like this and just sit and watch. This is in the Madison Valley.

More of the Madison River and valley.

I liked seeing all the animals peacefully side-by-side.

More of the same.

Our closest encounter with a bison!

We ate lunch one afternoon along the frozen shore of Yellowstone Lake.

While eating lunch at the lake in the previous photo, bison had crept up on us from behind.

More proof that bears are taken seriously around here!

If you'll look closely, you'll see the Bald Eagle sitting in her nest.

A closer look at the Bald Eagle.

This is a photo of the area where the Bald Eagle has made her nest. In the center of the photo you'll see a small mass of darkness in the very upper reaches of a tree; that's the nest.

Our wild wolf sighting! We were very excited to find out we had seen a wolf and not a coyote.

Another look at the wolf. This was taken at a distance and is at the edge of my video camera's still picture zoom capabilities.

One of the few male elk we saw.

Back at the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, the bears have the job of testing "bear resistant" products. The bear is licking peanut butter off the container, one of the ways bears are lured to test the products. Inside the container were several pounds of fish, a bear delicacy! This container passed as it "withstood" 90 minutes of bearish attempts to get to the fish.

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