My Motorcycles

The VTX 1800S

Well, I really missed the feeling of a V-twin between my legs when on the Valky. I really liked her, but something was missing, an attitude, a sound, a vibration. So, I sold her and got a 2004 Honda VTX 1800RS Spec build 1.
Just after her first bath. No tach, but there are some nice aftermarket tachs to add should I want. Speedo glows red at night.
Another angle. I'm now leaning towards going with DG Hard Krome 2-n-1 Sideburners for pipes. They are loud and I love the way they look. That's 1800 cc's there, or about 110 cubic inches. Each piston's diameter exceeds that of a piston from a 350 Chevy engine, and you can feel 'em.
Honda Neo Lightbar is new. It's got PIAA spots on it and I like it better than the traditional spots you see on lightbars. More light too. Honda Neo Windshield, backrest and Leatherlyke bags complete the bike so far. I still plan on the Hard Krome Sideburners and an Ultimate seat. These 2 goodies will set me back somewhere around $1400 I figure.
A better look at the Leatherlykes. They are hard plastic and lockable. Here's the long-awaited Sideburners and Ultimate Seats.
A black and white look at the Sideburners, I love the way the headers flow into the muffler. My Eaglemate Motorcycle Trailer finally arrives!
Out of the box and ready to roll. Wiring the lights took some time to figure out what color wire led to what light, but was nothing too taxing. The trailer connected to the bike after a test ride. 
Another shot of the bike and trailer after a test ride.  

The Valkyrie

My 1999 Valkyrie Interstate. This is just like the bike my daughter and I rented to ride to the Grand Canyon from Phoenix, a 500 mile round trip that this bike made feel easy. As I stated above, I really missed the feel of a V-twin. This bike just didn't have it being it's a flat 6. Nice bike and when I'm 70 maybe I'll be looking for the smooth ride of a Valkyrie again.


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