Azalea Park (Orlando), Fl. Weather Conditions

2832'40" North Lat. 8117'53" West Long. 110' elevation US Zipcode 32807
Using a Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 weather station calibrated with NWS station KORL.
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Current Conditions

Updated on 11/18/18 at 13:30 US ET


High: 80° 
Low: 58° 
Wind: 0 mph from the ENE
Gust: 0 mph
Today's Peak Wind: 13 mph (at 9:52)
Wind Chill: 80°
Humidity: 55%
Pressure: 30.10 in (Falling) 
Pressure Rate: -0.029 in/hr
Dew Point: 62°
Heat Index (feels like): 81°
Heat Stress Index: Caution
Comfort Level: Comfortable
Solar Radiation: 183 W/sqm
Solar Radiation Peak: 640 (at 11:19)
Temperature Rate:  1.64°/hr
24 Hr Ago Temp: 74°
24 Hr Diff:  6°
Indoor Temp: 71°
Station-Generated Short Term Forecast
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Today vs Yesterday Temps and Rain
Hi Lo Rain
Today 80°
at 13:28
at 6:16
0.00 in
Yesterday 76°
at 14:49
at 0:28
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Station Almanac
Monthly High Temp: 88F on 11/7/18
Monthly High Heat Index: 95F on 11/7/18
Monthly Low Temp: 46F on 11/16/18
Yearly High Temp: 96F on 9/13/18
Yearly High Heat Index: 112F on 7/22/18
Yearly Low Temp: 28F on 1/18/18
Monthly High Humidity: 98% on 11/5/18
Monthly Low Humidity: 47% on 11/8/18
Yearly High Humidity: 99% on 8/29/18
Yearly Low Humidity: 15% on 3/2/18
Monthly High SL Baro: 30.22 in. on 11/17/18
Monthly Low SL Baro: 29.82 in. on 11/2/18
Yearly High SL Baro: 30.46 in. on 1/6/18
Yearly Low SL Baro: 29.64 in. on 3/20/18
Monthly High Wind Speed: 42 mph on 11/2/18
Monthly Low Wind Chill: 40F on 11/16/18
Yearly High Wind Speed: 61 mph on 1/3/18
Yearly Low Wind Chill: 16F on 1/18/18
Month Degree Day Heating: 23.8
Month Degree Day Cooling: 150.9
Year Degree Day Heating: 529.5
Year Degree Day Cooling: 3399.9
Daily Solar Radiation Avg: 125
Monthly Solar Radiation Avg:: 89
Yearly Solar Radiation Avg:: 180
Rainfall Totals
Station Rain Rate: 0.000 in./hr
Station Hourly Rain: 0.00 in.
Station Daily Rain: 0.00 in.
Station 24 Hr. Rain: 0.00 in.
Station Last Rainfall Date: 11/15/18
Station Monthly Rain: 1.32 in.
Station Yearly Rain: 53.42 in.
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