Washington, D.C. Sept. 2001

September 9th, 2001 found me on a Delta flight from Orlando to Washington's Reagan National via JFK International in New York. As we neared NYC, I recall looking out the window of the aircraft at the great city and its twin towers, never thinking they'd be gone, along with nearly 3000 people, in fewer than 48 hours. In Washington, I stayed at the Wyndham Hotel on 14th and M Streets, 4 blocks north of the White House and 2.5 miles from the Pentagon. I had a week's worth of work to do at a client just around the corner from where I was staying. These are a few of the pictures I ventured out to take on Sept. 13th. I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures.

National Guard

Just around the corner (15th and L St.) from where I was staying, National Guardsmen block the street and direct traffic, as seen in the background of this photo. I hadn't seen this for myself in D.C. since I was a kid living in Laurel, Md., in the early 70s.

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument from 15th and Constitution, near the elipse which was closed and full of police and secret service. I was interviewed by the local ABC affilate here.

The White House

The White House from Constitution Ave. I apologize again for the shakiness. In the foreground you can see a couple of police officers. The flag can be seen at half staff on the White House.

The Washington Monument from The Wall

I took this picture from the apex of the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial looking back at the Washington Monument. The row of lights on the left are actually reflections on The Wall of the lights on the right.

The Vets Are Ready

I so wish this had turned out better. The only way to get this perspective is when the US flag that stands near this monument is at half staff. I wanted to depict a sense of patriotism, trying to say that we are all ready to serve our country and our brothers.

Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial. Like all others except The Wall, this monument was closed to visitors.

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