Seattle, Spring and Fall 2002

Spring of 2002 found me wintering in Seattle, WA. I was there from early May through the first weeks of July. Beautiful city, beautiful weather. The view from the Courtyard in Lynnwood, a northern suburb of Seattle.

The hulking mass of Mount Rainier looms in the the background of this picture. I believe the distance to the mountain from where I took this picture is over 50 miles.

A house along my daily route to and from work. I love the use of the boulders. Much of this area reminded me of Montvale, NJ, with it's hills and large homes.

Turning around 180 degrees from the picture of the house above this one and this is the view. Anyone for a dip? Sure looked inviting to me after work.

A duck and goose pond on the campus of where I worked. I didn't get pictures of the 3 goose families that lived here, but they were everywhere normally. The geese also reminded me of my time in NJ a year earlier.

The other end of the pond.

Back to Seattle in Oct. 2002. The leaves are stunning!

I wanted to show the contrast of the types of trees.

Another look at the leaves.

The same pond, there were lots of geese but they must be camera shy.

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