Raleigh, NC late Summer, Fall and Winter, 2002

An early evening shot of WakeMed, looking at the front of the hospital. That's the moon above.

One of the System Admins keeps a pet at work, here it is feeding.

The start of the ice storm Wed. afternoon. The white spots and streaks are very large snowflakes, which soon turned to freezing rain.

You can see the roads were already freezing up here. A look under the cars shows how the roads should look.

The next morning. Everything had a coat of ice on it, except the roads (thankfully!)

My rental car. It had a solid sheet of ice on it. Look at the icicles on the rearview mirror!

From WakeMed you can see the ice covering all the trees.

A closer look at it. Looks pretty, but it's not so fun when there's no electricity.

Friday morning, still ice-covered and without electricity. The hotel didn't get power back until late Friday evening.

This is how the ice coats a tree's branch and leaf. See how the icicles all hang in the same direction?

This is where I was on the 1st anniversary of 9/11. The flag is at half staff here at Wake Medical Center in Raleigh, NC where I started working in early Aug.

One of my co-workers from BMC, Dan Waite. It was nice having company here.

A view of the WakeMed machine room. This was typical.

A network frame at WakeMed. Yikes!

We made this become reality here at WakeMed.

I witnessed this sunset and thought I'd share it here. Beautiful!

From the parking lot at WakeMed. I really enjoy seeing the best parts of fall all around the country and living in Florida.

This tree looks like its on fire its so bright red!

From my balcony where I stay in Raleigh. Leaves are everywhere you go.

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