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Well, the game is back and the Predators are about to begin a new season with a new league containing a mixture of old AFL teams and former AF2 teams. Not sure yet what conclusions I'm ready to draw from all this, but I do know several things: I enjoy the game; I've always loved the Preds; I can't stand Brett Bouchy; I still feel lied to and ripped off by Brett Bouchy; I don't blame the players, current or former, for the demise of the old AFL; I do feel snookered by AF1 or whatever guise it's masquerading in today, especially given that they simply ran out and bought the old league's ... well, everything, at liquidation prices no doubt, including its logo, which is prominently displayed on the league's website, which happens to be at the very same URL as the old website. I suppose that time will tell regarding whether I will whole-heartedly embrace this new iteration of arena football or if I chuck it all out the door. For what it's worth, I didn't give Mr. Bouchy any money for season tickets this year. I used the remaining 2/3rds of what he owed me to purchase cheaper tickets instead of sending good money after bad. Leaves me with a positive balance in my account and I will evaluate at some point in the future whether I'll add to and continue as a season ticket holder. I will say this; I will never prepay for tickets again. From no on, they'll get whatever money's coming to them at the very last minute. I will not be stolen from and lied to by Mr. Bouchy again, if I can help it! GO PREDS!

For what it's worth, I think it's patently unprofessional that there has been absolutely no information released by the Orlando Predators, Mr. Bouchy, the team's "Operating Partner", or the Arena Football League (AFL) concerning the status of the 2009 season ticket refunds, the team or the league. This is not the way a professional organization behaves. Those of us who faithfully followed the instructions on the Orlando Predators' own website (found here) for requesting refunds found ourselves surprised that the refunds would come in the form of installments (PDF copy of letter here), and now as the 2nd installment deadline has grown several weeks stale with neither check nor explanation of the lack thereof, dismayed and disappointed at any further prospects for our passion. Fans are the 1st and only reason this or any other sports entertainment entity exists. Trying the fans' patience is one thing; not fulfilling commitments to the fans and players and not explaining why borders on outright fraud.

I am deeply saddened that I can no longer support this team, Mr. Bouchy or the AFL. They have shown themselves, singly and collectively, to be irresponsible and unprofessional, if not complete liars, cheats and thieves.

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Preds in the New Jungle

The 2011 Preds playing in their new Jungle, the Amway Center. Nice, comfortable place, but upper bowl seats in this place make you feel like you're hovering high in a blimp and not involved in the game, very unlike the old arena.

The Jungle

Welcome To The Jungle Baby!

Jay Gruden's Brother

Jay Gruden's older brother Jon at the game.

Beating the Storm

The Preds in action on the way to beating the Storm.


The Preds' Championship Banners

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