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Please enjoy these photos as much as I have enjoyed taking and presenting them.

Items in bold font have been recently updated.

My Motorcycles Cape Canaveral/KSC 2001 Grand Canyon Trip 2000 Phoenix 2000/2001
Daytona Bike Week 2001 New Jersey in the Spring, 2001 Memorial Day Weekend 2001 Washington, D.C. 9-11-01
South Africa 2001 Seattle, Spring/Fall 2002 Midland, MI 2002 Raleigh, NC 2002
Chicago, IL 2003 Amy Earns Black Belt, 2003 Hurricanes 2004 Thanksgiving at Biltmore Estate, NC 2004
Daytona Bike Week 2005 Yellowstone National Park, May 2005 Honda Homecoming, July 2005 Big Chief Summit VIII 2005
Thanksgiving at Biltmore Estate, NC 2005 Daytona Bike Week 2006 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2006 Big Chief Summit IX 2006 
Colorado Bike Trip 2007 Cape Cod Bike Trip 2007 Big Chief Summit X 2007 Bath Remodel 2008
Alaska Cruise May 2008 Thanksgiving at Biltmore Estate, NC 2008 Alaska Cruise June 2009 Big Chief Summit XII 2009 
New Zealand Cruise 2009 South America and Antarctica 2010/2011  Trans-Atlantic Cruise, Copenhagen to Cape Canaveral 2011  Panana Canal Cruise, Ft. Lauderdale to Valparaiso 2011 
Land of the Midnight Sun Arctic Cruise 2012  Western Caribbean Holiday Cruise 2012  Coming Soon... 31 Day TA and Baltic Cruise 2013  Bahamas "Thank You" Cruise 2013 
2 R's Alaska Cruise 2013  2013 Eastern Caribbean Thanksgiving     
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A Mid Summer's Day Thunderstorm My first movie, I did this in early July 2004. This is a typical summer thunderstorm here in Florida and the thunder and rain you'll hear is not enhanced in any way. Little did we know that 3 hurricanes lurked just over the season's horizon for us.
1 Loud X A short movie demonstrating the dragster sound of the DG Hard Krome 2-into-1 Sideburners exhaust system on a Honda VTX 1800. You'll want a broadband connection and lots of volume!

Bike Trips

States Visited On Bike Trips
The coloered states are places I've ridden in or through over the years.

Fatso on a Bike
I received the nicest gift one Christmas from my mother-in-law. She gave me a likeness of myself on my bike. Well, ok, sharp eyes will see the bike is a BMW and I don't ride a BMW. The story is that the Honda is in the shop and the BMW is a loaner. You work with what you can find, right? It's a wonderful gift and I was very, and pleasantly, surprised. 

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