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I worked in Phoenix, AZ for nearly 7 months in 2000 and 2001. Here are a few pictures.

Dawn in Phoenix

This was taken at dawn on 9/19 from my hotel room window in Phoenix.

This is the Cavalry?

As you can see, the cavalry has changed from the days of the old west.

Phoenix Park

Some of the scenery of Phoenix.

Saguoro Cactus

These cacti are everywhere in Phoenix and protected as an endangered species.

Flowering Cactus

Some of the most beautiful flowers in the desert. Notice the bees.

Desert Thunderstorm

One of the more unusual things in Phoenix, rain. This was a morning thundershower in the area.

Phoenix Sunset, 10/26/2000

One evening, I decided to drive to the mountains east of Phoenix. As I rather expected, it took me longer to get there than I had originally thought; it looked like they were "Just over there..." but turned out to be over 30 miles distant. I stopped and took these pictures of the sunset before heading back to the hotel. Yes, that white spot is a star, actually it's the planet Venus, a.k.a. the evening star, the Goddess of Love.

As you can imagine, it was eerily serene here, and awesomely beautiful.

Superstition Mountains

This was looking east, away from the sunset, from where I was standing. These are the beginning of the Superstition Mountains. I had to enhance the photo to get this much detail out of it, which is why it is so grainy. Shortly after I took this picture, I quickly got back in the rental van I had as I'd heard enough of the odd, plaintive bleating noise that seemed to be getting closer as I stood there. Yeah, I got spooked!

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