Odds and Ends Around the House (and elsewhere!)

I caught one of our hungry squirrels on the porch from the front window. He was sneaking into the garage where the bird food is kept for a meal!


Our new family addition, Missy.


Missy playing with Charley, Amy's 6th grade science class guinea pig.

Missy and Sunny

Missy playing with Sunny.


One of our resident Cardinals feeding.


Springtime! Our small rose garden in front of the house.

Knocking Bird

Another sign of spring! I opened the door to find this baby Mockingbird standing just on the other side as if she had been waiting for me to answer. Our Knockingbird!

On a sunny May morning with light winds, something caused this huge branch to break off an oak tree in a neighbor's yard that had withstood the 3 hurricanes of '04, taking power and cable with it.

A look from the tree's perspective.

The contingent of power, county and tree service trucks that showed up.

Nightmares of Hurricane Charlie of 2004!

Last, as always, Butthouse Networks cable shows up to work.

I knew that cutbacks to the state and county government budgets were in the works, but this is too much! Taken 1-6-09

His buddies waiting down the street.

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