Spring 2001 in New Jersey

I worked in Montvale, NJ in April of 2001, actually catching the very last of winter there with the last snowfall, and then suffering through a false summer the first week of May when temperatures reached the mid 90s. Here are a few pictures.



The Palisades
I made a quick after-work trip to the Palisades Interstate Park and took these pictures. This is looking up from the shore of the Hudson River. 

Across The Hudson River
A zoomed picture across the Hudson River from the Alpine Boat Club. 

The Palisades
Is this where Penelope got her start? 

The Palisades

The Palisades
I could have taken many mores of these but it was cold so I didn't. 

New York
Down the Hudson River, a view of New York City. You can see the world's busiest bridge, the George Washington, and the top of the Empire State Building in this zoomed picture. 

A Goose
These things are literally everywhere; as numerous as historical markers were I think. 

Alpine Trail Marker
The Northern Valley of New Jersey is full of these things. Everywhere I went, there seemed to be historical markers. The one might help explain why NJ chose "The Crossroads of the Revolution" for the reverse side of its state quarter. 

The Alpine Trail
The trail itself. I doubt that it was asphalted back in Cornwallis' day like it is now but I'll bet he would have appreciated it had it been! 

A neighborhood
This is representative of the many neighborhoods along the Hudson River near the George Washington Bridge. 

Baylor Massacre Park
As mentioned above, there are historical signs everywhere. This one intrigued me and I decided to stop. In doing so, I made a U-turn that attracted the attention of a Rivervale, NJ cop. He really eye-balled my credentials as I gave him a FL driver's license, a TX insurance card and an Avis rental contract. When I explained all that and why I had stopped, he generously gave me a break. 

Baylor Massacre Park
Another marker at the site. 

Baylor Massacre Park
The focal point of the park. According to the fine print, the bodies of the American soldiers were thrown into a tanning vat that was capped by the round stone in the background. 


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