Not for the squeamish! :)

Skin Cancer wound

A week after the surgery, this is the skin graft itself, with the yellow gauze removed by the doctor. You can see the blue stitches, something like 150 of them!

Skin Cancer wound

The focus is off, but this is the sight of the skin graft donation behind my left ear. Again, you can see the blue color of the stitches. Kind of hard to sleep except for on my back with these.

Skin Cancer wound

Continuing saga of my right ear and skin cancer, here's the second time the plastic surgeon's had his mitts on it. The gauze that is sewn on to my ear is covering a skin graft from behind my left ear.

Skin Cancer wound

Another look at my right ear.

Skin Cancer wound

The ravages of skin cancer, and this is just from superficial basal cell skin cancer. I have more of these scars (5) than I'd like.

Skin Cancer wound

The same area again! I know it looks like a different area, but this picture was taken in a mirror. It wasn't all gotten the first time. If you look closely, you can see the scar from the first surgery.


The grey cloudiness in my left eye is a cataract. This was taken the day it was removed. I've had cataracts removed from both eyes now.

1st Ear Surgery

This is my right ear after the surgery, attempting to remove skin cancer and leave the ear. It didn't work too well.

Stitches Removed

The stitches removed, now awaiting the plastic surgeon to remove the cancer and rebuild whatever parts of the ear he has to take.

Knee Surgery

Right knee arthroscopic surgery, I tore the medial meniscus cartlidge in Sept, 2001 in the Sterkfontien Cave in South Africa.

Knee Surgery

Another view showing how my knee swelled after the surgery, which was outpatient.

More basal skin cancer, this time on my chest, in Oct. 2008

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