Motorcycle Trip to Honda Homecoming, Marysville, OH

On July 26th, 2005, I took off at 6am by myself to go to the Honda Homecoming in Marysville, OH. This was the first trip I'd taken of any length on the VTX and I did it solo. Being alone, I stayed mostly on the interstates up and back. The first day was extremely hot but I made it to Mooresville, NC from Orlando. The next day was considerably nicer, although just a bit damp, and I made it to Dublin, OH where I stayed for the event through its ending on Sunday, July 31st. That day I had a leisurely ride to Indianapolis to spend the day and night with my wife. She works in Indy and happened to be there for the weekend working. Bright and early Monday I was back on the road and got from Indy to Asheville, NC. From Asheville I made it home on Tuesday August 2nd. I had zero problems with the bike; she performed flawlessly throughout the entire 2340 mile trip. I got 32.4 mpg which is a bit less than I had expected, but certainly was acceptable.

The parking lot at Honda of America in Marysville, OH where we parked and partied.

One of the odder sights at the Homecoming. The silver metal pole is part of an umbrella for Ginger's comfort.

Ginger's ride. I'd be scared to death she'd take a leap.

During the event, LaMonster and others of the VTXOA organized a Guiness World Records attempt for the largest ride of a single model of motorcycle. Officially there were 594 VTXs in the ~7 mile ride from the Marysville Walmart to the Honda plant, which set the record. These are a few of my friends working the registration table.

Me working the registration table, or gawking at something really.

Me again, with that supervisor's cup of coffee thing going.

One of the celebrity attendees of the ride!

I call this "Field of Dreams".

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