Rich's and Kevin's Excellent Adventure Part Deux, Colorado (and back) 2007

Kevin and I rode our bikes over 4300 miles in June/July of 2007 for Coloradical 2007 hosted by the Colorado VTX Range Riders. Thanks to all of them, especially Carol and Cliff, for a great time! For us though, the journey was just as important as the event.



All packed and waiting on Kevin Wednesday morning, 6-28. He had a bad start to the day. 

A view from the other side of the bike. 

The load I carried on the Eaglemate trailer. Not sure of the weight, but it wasn't light. Taken at Monteagle, TN on 6-29 after we left I-24 behind. 

Kevin in Monteagle. 

Yours truly in Monteagle. 

The next day near South Haven, KS just off I-35. We had run into the deluge of rain that this area had been enduring for more than a week and were soaked in places that I don't think had ever known water before. We stopped at a convenience store and proceeded to start to freeze in the a/c. Later we decided to stay at the Economy Inn from which this picture, and the next, was taken. A little short of our goal of Garden City, but the beds were great. 


Greensburg, KS 6-29. At 9:45 pm CDT, May 4, 2007 this town was devastated by an EF5 tornado, which killed 10 people in this town. The tornado was estimated to be 1.7 miles in width and traveled for nearly 22 miles. Ninety-five percent of the city was confirmed to be destroyed, with the other five percent in severe damage. The National Weather Service estimated winds of the tornado reached 205 mph. Twelve fatalities are attributed to the tornado, ten of them residents of Greensburg.[4] Tornado sirens sounded in the city twenty minutes before the tornado struck, and a tornado emergency was issued, which undoubtedly saved many lives. Beats me why city and county governments in Central Florida are loathe to enhance weather warnings with sirens, but I think they are complete fools for it. 

Greensburg, KS 

Greensburg, KS. The look on Kevin's face says volumes about how we felt. 

Greensburg, KS 

Greensburg, KS. A zoomed picture of the previous one. 

Greensburg, KS 

Greensburg, KS. I don't even know what to say about the utter devastation of this place. 

Finally arriving in the Denver suburb of Englewood on 6-30. The trailer attracted quite a crowd all the way here and back. I even nearly got run off the interstate by 2 girls in Arkansas who were taking pictures of it. We rode 2031 miles in 3 and a half days. 

The Old Farts Ride. No question why we were on this one. This is our first stop in Tiny Town, CO. Kevin can be seen left of center using his phone. 

Tiny Town, CO 

There's a couple of themes in this picture. 

Just a beautiful day. 

Finally, a picture of my best side! I'm reading up on how to confront mountain lions and bears. 

At Red Rocks, Kevin digs for his phone. 

The view from our parking spot in Red Rocks. 

The rock tunnel leading to the ampitheater. 

What a view! Kevin takes it in. 

Kevin and his "Moose" obsession. 

The "Old Farts" at Red Rocks. 

Where I was on 7-2. 

In Golden, CO. 

Lookout Mtn outside of Golden, CO. The M is for the Mining college located there. 

More of the scenery around Golden, CO. 

Parasailing off of Lookout Mtn. 

In the hills outside of Denver, this is where I was on 7-3. 

The view from Buffalo Bill Cody's Gravesite on Lookout Mtn. 

More of the same view. 

More of the same view, looking back towards Denver. 

Looking north. 

Buffalo Bill's Grave. 


And for good measure, again. 

On 7-4, I was on my way to Raton, NM. This is the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. 

A zoomed picture of the Air Force Academy. Note the moon above the mountains. The black triangle to the mid-left of the picture is the tail section of a display B-52. 

Falcon Stadium. 

Pike's Peak is in the center of the background of this picture. 

Cheyenne Mountain is at the left end of this string of mountains. 

Where I was on Independence Day 2007. 

A little touching up and here's a magazine photo of the above. 

Near Pueblo, CO on I-25. 

Near Trinidad, CO. 

East of Raton, NM on 7-5. I was very taken by this area of northeast NM as I did not expect this landscape here, thinking NM was all desert. Note the antelope in this and several following pictures. 

Antelope and volcanic cones were my riding partners out here. 




It was incredibly quiet out here. 


More antelope. 


Left of center is Capulin Volcano National Monument. There is a 2 mile road going up to the rim of this inactive volcano. I was too early for the park to be open or I would have rode up. 

A better view of the road up the volcano. 

The end of the pictures. I rode 4307 total miles. 


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