Chicago, Spring and Summer 2003

The Chicago Public Library. This sight greeted me each morning of my first week here.

The "L" going around the Loop, 7 stories directly below my bedroom the first week. From about 4:25 in the morning on, I was serenaded by the sound of the trains and the now very familiar "Ding Dong... Doors Closing" speech. Made for good sleeping. After a week of this, I decide I am not cut out for urban living.

From the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower looking SE. The water is Lake Michigan and you can see Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears, and the Museum of Science and Industry just before the old airport.

This is the Chicago Board of Trade building, seen from the Sears Tower, where I spend my days working. The statue on top of the building is supposed to be historical in nature.

Another view from the Sears Tower, looking slightly north of east.

And another view, looking more to the north east.

The Sears Tower from street level, just across the street.

On the Orange Line, looking around a corner.

Chicago from the Orange Line train on the way to Midway Airport.

This mural is along the Orange Line route on a moving and storage business' building. I can't capture it all in one shot, but the message is obvious.

Looking down a street from the Loop, my daughter likes the composition of this photo.

Another shot from the Loop, this is LaSalle Ave. At the end of the street stands the Chicago Board of Trade building.

Still on the Loop, someone shares my surname.

Homes just south of downtown as seen from the Orange Line just off the Loop.

Another look downtown from the Orange Line.

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