Pictures from a trip to the Cape

A few days after I bought it, I took a ride on the new bike out to Playalinda Beach. The beach is part of the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and is just to the north of Cape Kennedy, 50-60 miles east of Orlando. It was a pretty day for a bike ride.

Vehicle Assembly Building

This is NASAs Vehicle Assembly Building from far across the Intra Coastal Waterway.

Shuttle on pad=

This was taken from an observation site on Playalinda Beach just to the north of the Cape.

Close up of Shuttle on pad

This is a close up taken from the same spot as the picture above this.

Looking east

This is looking east from the observation site at the Altantic Ocean.

Observation site

This is the observation site itself. You can see the bike to the right, a fallout bunker to the left, and the most important building in the middle.

2 Shuttles

I went back in July 2001 to take pictures of both pads in use by shuttles, quite a rare sight. Shuttle Atlantis is on the near pad, pad 39B. Shuttle Discovery is on the far pad, pad 39A. From this vantage point, the shuttles themselves are on the other side of the big orange tanks.

2 Shuttles

A slightly different perspective of the pads.

The highest zoom I can get on the camera got this shot of pad 39B and Shuttle Atlantis' fuel tank.

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