Cape Cod, MA Bike Trip 2007

I enjoyed an all too quick trip up to Cape Cod, MA over the Labor Day weekend the summer of 2007. I made the trip last 3 days and a morning going up and the same coming back home, riding over 2900 miles solo. I only ran into wet weather on the last morning, riding in the rain from Daytona Beach on home.



The USS Nautilus, the world's first nuclear-powered vessel. Even though I went through DC, this was my first fun stop on the trip up, in Groton, CT. I've been to DC many times and was only too glad to be passing by it at mid-day. 

The entrance to the Submarine Force Library and Museum where the Nautilus is on display. 

Jus to the left of the entrance (as you face it) you'll find this display of 20th century submarine firepower evolution. 

I wonder how that got there? 

Interestingly, you have to cross an active train track when you leave the Museum to walk out to the Nautilus, and I happened to do so as a train was coming. 

A look at the train as it passes. 

The gangway to the USS Nautilus, SSN 571. 

Looking back at the parking lot of the museum from the berth of the Nautilus. 

You'll find this flag flying as you step onto the ship. I thought this was a neat picture and was a sight that evoked a bit of pride as I boarded. A German family was just ahead of me in line and they spent considerable time taking pictures alongside this flag. 

After a rather disappointing tour, you exit near where you enter and I snapped this shot. I understand why you see so little of the ship and why everything is behind plexi-glass, but it was still somewhat disappointing. 

A final look at the ship. 

At my neices' soccer games in Sandwich, MA. I'm standing with Gigi, my sister-in-law. 

Roger, my brother-in-law, and one of my neices, Courtney. 

My other neice, Alexis, driving the ball. 

Interesting picture here. This is my neice Courtney, warming up for her game. In the background is Gigi, Roger and myself and behind us, you can see my bike in the parking lot. 

A quick trip to Provincetown. 

Roger and me in Provincetown. I followed everyone on the bike on our daytrip. We couldn't find a place to park here, so we stopped for a few pictures and then left. 

The next day found us in Plymouth. Parking wasn't easy here either, but we did find manage. This picture was taken because, while you can see that Plymouth Rock is here somewhere, we couldn't find it and stood here and scratched our heads for a while wondering where it was before continuing on to the Mayflower II. 

The harbor at Plymouth. 

More of the harbor. 

Roger and Courtney and the Mayflower II. 

My best side and the Mayflower II. 

Again with the harbor. 

The Mayflower II is a replica of the original Mayflower. 

Roger and Courtney on the deck of the Mayflower II. They wanted $8 a person to tour the ship, so most of us stayed ashore. 

I think the name of this boat is the "Lil Toot". Note the windup key. 

As we walked back to the car to leave, we finally realized that Plymouth Rock was in a hole in the crypt-like building we had walked through earlier. 


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