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Commander was our boxer, we had him for 9 years. He was a wonderful friend and companion. If you have children, consider a Boxer as a pet as they are very gentle with, and protective of, little ones. Some of my earliest and best childhood memories are of Shady, my parents' Boxer, and I have always had a special place in my heart for them. Commander developed heart disease late in life and had to be euthanized as he had a stroke one afternoon and lost the total use of his hindquarters. While being with him in his final moments was one of the hardestthings I've had to do, I can only hope he understood and has forgiven me. He was the most noble being I have ever known.

Beavis came along after Commander. He was a white miniature Schnauzer. I have been told that these dogs are typically destroyed because white mini Schnauzers are not recognized by the AKC and therefore of little value. Well AKC, he was very valuable to us. I can't imagine why they feel that way and think very little of the AKC due to this. Beavis was right at a year old when he died from a viral infection. As you can see, he enjoyed Christmas. Thanks to Dr. Mole and the staff of the Curry Ford Animal Hospital for all their efforts in attempting to save him. We miss you both, my friends.

After Beavis, we were picked by another mini Schnauzer, Sunny, short for Sunshine which my daughter came up with. Sunny had a very different attitude than Beavis; he rarely completely relaxed but listened well. This picture was taken at his first birthday party with my daughter. He was most definitely a welcome addition to the family. He became a wonderful mentor to Missy, seen below. Unfortunately, Sunny suffered from bladder stones. In 2003 he had surgery to remove a large, spikey stone that had surprised us with it's size and caused Sunny a great deal of pain one evening. After having the stone analyzed, we put him on prescription Science Diet food which we thought would take care of this. At each annual checkup though, Dr. Mole could feel more stones developing, saying he felt "sand grains". The Monday after Thanksgiving, one of these grains had stopped up his works, and he had to be catheterized. 3 weeks later, he again had problems and Amy took him to a Veternarian Emergency Room for another catheterization, but this time they were unable to. This led to surgery 2 days later, during which Dr. Mole found that the stones had "fused" to the bone through which his urethra passed, making it impossible to correct. Rather than make him suffer through a prothstetic device and removal of additional organs in experimental surgery, we decided to euthanize him. We never really got a chance to say goodbye to our Sunshine. As with Commander, we hope that he too understands we tried to make the best decision for him. My promise to him is to be a stronger and more thoughtful advocate for Missy with her doctors, as I feel I failed him in that respect.

Missy, short for Mistake, is standing cat-like on the top of the back of the chair and Sunny is on the pillow below. Missy is a female mini Schnauzer with a reverse salt and pepper coat. She's also got a skunk's stripe running down her back along her spine. She is a cute, very loving and social creature which is much to her advantage as she has had a great deal of trouble becoming housebroken. It seems finally that she has the hang of where to go. She was born on my birthday in 2002. We've found that she too misses her buddy Sunny and when she looks at us with those moist, inquisitive eyes, her head cocked to one side, it's kind of hard not to well up in tears. Our baby, our beloved companion, has left us now (on 14 January 2017, aged 14 years, 7 months and 13 days), having succumbed to old age and an organic brain syndrome which caused seizures in the end. Her last day was spent being wracked by seizures that left her exhausted, badly frightened and so very anxious, robbing her of her senses of smell and sight. We will forever miss you and love you; you are my good, good girl.

Regretfully, there is another addition to this page. Polo belonged to my wife's sister and family and grew up alongside our neice and nephew. I had the good fortune of watching him live and play with both Sunny and Missy during the few weeks over the years that I was charged with dogsitting and he and I got to be very good friends. Missy and I, among others, will surely remember him always as our "Bob Barker". What follows is a note from my neice, Polo's constant champion.

Polo Baby was my family’s very first puppy. He was a salt and pepper mini schnauzer we had the privilege of knowing for nine years until complications from pneumonia took his life. He loved playing, car rides, barking, and most of all his people; and he hated baths – except for when it involved pet store fish tanks. We will miss you, Polo, and therewill always be a special place for you in our hearts.

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