Big Chief Summit VIII

The evening fire, consuming the Charley Tree. By burning the Charley Tree, we made big magic to keep away any more hurricanes from Central Florida.... we hope.

The Big Chiefs, left to right, are Silverback, Wannabe, Big Bird in Sky, Cookie, Wolfmark, and Gunny. Seated is Tallhat. Missing is Logpuller and taking the picture is Recon.

Same as above, except Recon stands in for Gunny, who is taking the picture. Not sure where Logpuller was, but you might take a guess.

Big Chief Council meeting occuring here. Might have been trying to figure out a name for Wannabe, or just discussing the next beer run. Logpuller is in the foreground here, having found his way home during the night.

Either too much beer or not enough beer in these two, or someone is threatening the Pringles.

We do a lot of this at Summits. Not sure why we allow Jets fans along though.

Apparently, it's feeding time.

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