Hall and Master Bathrooms Remodel, 2008

We decided it was time to remodel both bathrooms in April 2008. Rather than make them bigger, an idea which we toyed with and finally rejected, we choose to have the bathrooms demolished down to the studs and then rebuilt. We chose E. W. Janssen Construction, Inc. (407-702-5702) to do the work based on years of family members' experience with his good work, and highly recommend him to anyone looking to have any remodeling done. Here's the pictures.


Hall Bathroom Before Pictures

From the tub looking at the vanity and door. This is 1950s style tile wainscoating. Note the position of the door, which we moved about 10" out. 

The back of the old bathtub. In the back corner the tile had been broken and repaired. 

The floor, toilet, vanity, door and edge of the tub. The only thing we reused in this picture was the toilet. 

The shower head and tiled tub and shower area. 

From the hall looking into the bathroom. 
Hall Bathroom After Pictures

The view of the vanity now. Notice the new location of the door. Amazing how this little amount of space makes a big difference. And that's not different colored paint on the walls, it's look varies based on the way light hits it. 

We completely removed the bathtub and had a shower with a seat put in. The wall where the toilet paper hangs is new. 

New floor, toilet, vanity and shower door. 

The new shower head and tile. 

From the hall looking into the new bathroom. See how the door now opens outward? 

Light from the new skylight illuminates the shower tile and trim, which has bits of metal embedded in it and catches the sunlight nicely. 
Master Bathroom Before Pictures

The entrance to the old master bath, decked out in grey and blood red tile. 

The light fixture and medicine chest/mirror. The whole bathroom was wainscotted in the tile. 

A before look at the top of the entrance to the shower stall. 

The vanity, very small and made of plastic and wood. 

The old shower head and interior of the stall. 
Master Bathroom After Pictures

The new bathroom entrance. 

With the wainscotting removed, the new mirror and medicine cabinet. The mirror has lights inside that light up the frosted oval on it. There is also a mirror on the back of the medicine cabinet door. 

The new entrance to the shower stall includes an arch and a skylight. There's also a light fixture inside, just as before. 

The new porcelain vanity includes a much larger bowl and surface area and an old fashioned pump spigot, minus the pumping of course! 

The new shower head and soap dishes and interior of the stall. The tile goes to the ceiling in here now, unlike before. 


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